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Who We Are

Our company “ KENNARA & MARMOUSH “ started at 2006 , we considered one of the companies specialized in landscape architecture solutions, interior design and decorations. At “ KENNARA & MARMOUSH “ companies we established and maintain the highest standards of professional performance and ethical practice Our creative, talented and collaborator team come together to bring challenging project solution, and always the innovation ideas

Our Mission & Vision

To maintain our success and get even more, always create a comfortable, useful and accessible spaces and places and also keep our client satisfied with their needs. Design and build challenging projects

Our Missions

spread our impact on the architecture, and lead the innovative idea and challenging projects

Our Vision
Core values

Why Us

At “ KENNARA & MARMOUSH “ we work closely with our clients to provide them with innovative solutions to make them reach the lifestyle they aimed. We are focusing on continuously provide real opportunities that promote the social and professional standards. We always seek for the best quality and the optimum solutions. In our companies we always look for what is new in the architecture as ideas or technique or methods. At our companies we use the BIM system , Rivet and 3DS max are fundamental programs. At “ KENNARA & MARMOUSH “ we are industry leaders our people intelligent, brilliant and capable individuals who are able to meet and overpass and exceed our client needs and help them to reach the lifestyle that they desire . Sharing experience and knowledge is fundamental at our companies . Open discussion and variety of creative idea is the base that keeps us unique and success in our field . At “KENNARA & MARMOUSH “we are problem solvers idea creators and innovative thinkers we consider the challenging constrains a new chance that open for us a new gate to success .